Lesson Planning Components: Characteristics of Adult Learners

Lesson Planning Components:  Characteristics of Adult Learners

“Adult learners come with a variety of experiences, both in terms of working life and educational backgrounds.  This impacts on how and why they participate in learning.” (Wynne, Rhonda, p.1).

Connecting with all adult students based on their individual diversities is challenging.  However, applying Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy reminds me of the commonalities all adults share.  Providing reason(s) why they need to learn something, applying as much task-oriented or experimental learning as possible, communicating clearly to avoid confusion and being there “to provide guidance and help when mistakes are made” (eLearning Industry, p.5), but allowing adult students to be part of the learning experience supports successful engagement and learning.


 Wynne, Rhonda. Learner Centred Methodologies:  Characteristics of Adult Learners.  Asset Project Info, Socrates Education and Culture.  http://www.assetproject.info/learner_methodologies/before/characteristics.htm.

eLearning Industry (May 09, 2013).  The Adult Learning Theory – Andragogy – of Malcolm Knowles. http://www.slideshare.net/elearningindustry/the-adult-learning-theory-andragogy-of-malcolm-knowles


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