The Web-Conference Experience

Trends and Roles Blog:  The Web-Conference Experience

As a student, web-conferencing with fellow classmates has been supportive on so many levels.

Upon our first contact, we learned that along with the essays and assignments we have completed so far regarding the reasons why adults are returning to classroom; our own reasons were not different.

Both of us identified that we are at “turning point in our lives”, identifying that we have been in the workforce for many years and are now hoping to re-invent ourselves into a role of teacher, instructor or mentor; sharing our knowledge and experience and offering guidance and support to others.

We learned that as adults, it can be somewhat difficult to juggle our personal lives; our commitments and responsibilities while trying to successfully complete courses.  A learning experience that has developed an increased awareness and compassion to what an adult learner faces as they might enter our classroom once we become teachers.

Our mutual support for each other has been a positive attribute that continues to assist us both in completing the assignments for this course.  Sharing ideas and points of view regarding the course assignments and projects has been extremely helpful, but we also have developed a mutual cheering squad, bringing each other up when we find ourselves personally challenged with the workload.


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